Don’t Become A burden to your Boyfriend or Husband in a Relationship

Don't become problem to your boyfriend


Dear ladies,

Do you know that being a burden to your boyfriend can reduce his target or aim in life?

If he is supposed to be a Billionaire, he will become a Millionaire.

Try to get something doing dear.
Don’t just relax and rely on him for everything, sometimes I call it wickedness.

It’s unfair,It must not be a big work, Even if it’s something that can help you buy your self few underwears and recharge your phone,it’s ok,at least you have saved that one for him.
Don’t always be a demanding type which I call Tax Collectors.

If you are still in School,it’s understandable.Try to manage the little you have.if your parents don’t have much,avoid friends that lives extra vagrant life.
Because if you follow them, you will end up doing somethings you don’t wish to do.

But if you have finished school or not oportuned to go to higher institution,
My sister please find little things to do to support yourself.

I left home when I was 20 and joined the Military.
Not that I don’t have boyfriend to look up to provide my needs,but because I feel that I can get them my self if I work hard my self.

My Mum is a hard working woman too She is the one that thought me to be strong as a woman.
I grew up knowing only my mum.
My dad died when I was 3 years old, but it didn’t stop my mum from working hard and brought us up in the right way.

What am trying to say is reduce the burden for your boyfriend. When he marries you and don’t want you to do anything again, it’s alright.
As long as he can provide everything for you.


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