Don’t be A Nagging Wife or Girlfriend to Spouse in Your Relationship

Nagging wife


Nagging is a very bad attitude, Sometimes those that nag too much always end up fighting with their partners or a serious quarrel.

Many people who nag don’t even realize they’re doing it.
They think they are just trying to help.
Constant nagging can make your partner feel infantilized and as if they are a disappointment to you.

It also makes the nagger feel authoritarian which is not so. Top 10 Marriage tips For successful relationship from Old Couple
“When you nag,you lose your sense of partnership with the other person. It’s like you’re wagging your finger at them and it’s a disrespectful attitude.

You can check your Bible as well if you are a Christian to see what the Bible says about a Nagging Wife.

(Proverb 27:15)
It Said “A foolish child is a calamity to a father; A quarrelsome wife or a Nagging wife is as annoying as constant dripping.”

“Nagging is such a passion killer,”
It can kill the passion your partner feel for you.
When you nag too much, your husband or boyfriend will loose that respect for you.
There are many ways to talk to your partner without nagging him.

Raising your voice towards him won’t solve any problems, instead it will increase your problem.

Nagging is not only a weakness of women.
Men nag too but it’s few. It goes both ways.But women are always the victim.

Please don’t nag your partner and God will bless your relationship or Marriage.


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