Djay Pro uses AI to turn songs into acapellas and instrumentals on-the-fly

Djay Pro uses AI to turn songs into acapellas and instrumentals on-the-fly
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We haven’t had a chance to test the features first-hand, but the demo was pretty impressive. While a track was playing, the Neural Mix tools were able to drop out or isolate elements cleanly with only the slightest gating audible at times. I’m sure the end results will depend on what device/chip you’re running and how the songs themselves are structured. Hip Hop is said to work well for acapellas and instrumentals, while electronic music is supposed to be good if you’re planning to isolate drums or harmonics.

The iPad Pro 12.9 with an A12Z Bionic chip or the iPhone 11 series with an A13 would be the ideal choices if you want to make the most of this tool. Any iOS device with an A12 chip is still on the recommended device list though. Of course, you can give it whirl on earlier devices as long as they’re running iOS 12 or later, but it seems like Neural Mix is hungry for processing power.

Djay Pro AI with Neural Mix is available today in the App Store for a $5 monthly subscription (and will be an update for existing subscribers). The regular version of djay for iOS is still a free download, but won’t include any of these new features. As always, there’s a free trial of the Pro version that’s well worth checking out if you’re curious.

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