Den City was brutally Tortured in the safe house but still Strong – People power’s Joel Senyonyi Laments

Den city was brutally tortured but still strong
Den city was brutally tortured but still strong

Uganda Kampala,  the people power spokes man Joel Senyonyi and the Legal team boss David Lewis Rubongoya have confirmed that their own activist named Den City was brutally wounded by the NRM forces when he got arrested , they said

“One of the things that most energises me is the spirit of unity amongst our supporters whenever tragedy befalls us. Whether one of us is arrested, tortured or killed, we all of a sudden become a family- united together in grief, engulfed by a rare sense of oneness. At that point, everything becomes secondary and we all become citizens of Uganda who are being persecuted for daring to exercise our freedoms of conscience, expression and assembly. All shades fade and we get engulfed in a spirit of comradeship and solidarity. You get to see this when a magistrate grants cash bail and a comrade risks being taken back to Luzira prison. At that point, people bring 1k, 5k, 20k…..each according to his or her ability, and before you know it, someone else is rushing to the bank of deposit the money!

That is the sense we all felt inside the hospital room where our brother DenCity was being treated yesterday. A few days ago, DenCity was brutally arrested, tortured and kept in detention for days – both at a police station and a place he thinks was a safe house. Everyone at the hospital was trying to see how to help.

Many had visited Kawempe Police Station each day to check on DenCity and Bobi Young. Despite majority being low income earners, they spent the little money they had to buy food and other items to ensure that our comrades did not sleep hungry in the jail cell.

People power Activists killed

I am very glad DenCity is out of illegal detention. I know he may soon be there again as all of us could be there. He mentioned that upon arrest he was injected with a substance on the hand, and he is worried what that was and what it might do to him.

I was very delighted to see his resolve! Above all, my heart was warmed by the unity and comradeship. We may not have much but we are a people united by a cause greater than all of us. A people united can never be defeated.” David Lewis said .

“Yesterday we visited comrade Dennis Senono(DenCity) at the hospital where he is getting treatment. He was brutally arrested and beaten, then eventually taken to CMI Kireka. Blood was oozing out of his ears, plus some other injuries. However, he is strong and looks forward to raising the People Power flag again.” Joel said .

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