Common Cold symptoms and the natural remedy for cure

Common Cold symptoms and the natural remedy for cure

What is the best medicine for the common cold?
The common cold is one of the more frequent diseases and occurs mostly in the winter months.

That’s why we associate her symptoms with cold, although the very low temperature is not the cause of this disease.
The common cold virus is transmitted easily. Contact with the diseased person, a virus is transmitted through the air, sneezing, inhalation, and the like. In things, such as cups, tables, chairs or anything else, the virus can last up to several hours.

Symptoms of Common cold

The signs we have are generally characterized as respiratory infections or upper respiratory tract infections. Symptoms of the Common cold include:

  • A cough
  • water from the nose
  • tears from the eyes
  • sore throat
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  • pain in the ears
  • headache
  • weakness
  • lack of appetite

Natural remedy for colds


You can add it to tea with a little lemon. This is great for the inflamed throat, and it also helps with coughing. It’s good because it has antimicrobial properties.


Like honey, it acts against the microbes, and in this case, it is particularly useful for its ingredient allicin. It can reduce symptoms, but it is essentially better than preventive measures as a cure for colds.

Pro-biotics are “good bacteria” that can be found in some foods and repair the micro flora of your intestines.

Intestines play an important role in the exchange of nutrients, so it is very important for faster healing to function impeccably. Probiotics can be found in the form of supplements, but also in some foods such as kephir and yogurt.

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Pour the seeds of the flax into the water and let it stay until the mixture thickens. It does not look pleasant, not too tasty, but you can fix it with a little honey and lemon. This is a great remedy for the cold, specifically for coughing.


If you eat it, you probably know how much horseradish may be powerful in opening the airways. For this, his specific active ingredient-sinigrin is responsible for giving him a taste. In a large number of cases, it will be enough for you to want to prepare a salad and serve it. It will already run the avalanche from your nose. You can mix it with a little honey. Then it’s excellent against coughing.

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Tea from nettle

This tea will strengthen your immunity. Nettle are rich in vitamins and minerals, specifically vitamin C, iron, zinc magnesium, and copper.

Echinacea tea

a plant that is thought to be able to reduce the duration of the virus and cut the time of the disease.

The tea is used by the root of the plant, 1-2 grams per day and not longer than a week. Some studies have confirmed that echinacea is good and effective, some are not. What has been shown is that echinacea can affect the effects of other drugs and is not exactly a universal remedy for colds. Consult your doctor before use.