Bring The US marine and we finish you ‘I hate Americans’ – Gen Elweru attacks the Americans

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General Peter Elweru is the Commander in the Uganda army Forces who commanded the killings of more than 100 people in Kasese . He was promoted by the boss (president museveni ) for the work well done and ICC started the survey on this man.


General Peter Elwelu, the commander of UPDF Land Forces has bitterly attacked the United States of America,

“I am not an American and I will never be an American. I hate America! Let those Americans concentrate on their very many problems and leave us alone. We can do without America. Let the US Marines come to Uganda and I teach them a lesson”.

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General Peter Elwelu was speaking yesterday at the function where General Yoweri Museveni was officiating at the opening of a building at Kalaki district in North Eastern Uganda!