Bobi wine’s Lawyer Amsterdam writes to Trump -wants US govt to issue sanctions against Museveni, suspend military aid.

Message from People's Government led by Kizza Besigye
Message from People's Government led by Kizza Besigye,Mr. Robert Amsterdam, the international legal counsel engaged by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has written to USA president Donald Trump

Asking him to take immediate action to cut off military support to Uganda and to denounce the crimes committed by President Museveni’s regime.

Amsterdam who claims the government is undemocratic, repressive and corrupt and completely oppressive to his client Bobi Wine, wants aid even from Western donors to cease. The lawyer claims that Bobi Wine has got the better blue print to the development and progress of Uganda, hence should be given proper backing by the same.

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In a letter to President Trump dated April 25, 2019, Mr. Amsterdam says it is time for the United States to reconsider its relationship with Uganda, adding that US military support has helped President Museveni to suppress the rule of law in the country.

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“A lasting peace in this troubled region of Africa can only be achieved through the free politics of a true democracy – something President Museveni will do anything to prevent,” Mr. Amsterdam told Trump adding that “it is time for the US and other Western donors to ensure that all military and non-military aid is conditional on the holding of free and fair elections.”

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