Can Bobi Wine be a threat to President Museveni?


Why bobi wine can Make a hardest nut for  president Museveni to break

The rise of Bobi Wine is not an accidental happenning, to any sober researcher, bobi’s story is extremely interesting, I can tell you inside political walls is a great researcher, I know every one will be shocked after when Bobi puts on his Victor’s crown.
It will be the right time for me to show you his perfectly calculated steps. But Can Bobi Wine be a threat to President Museveni?

“We are coming for you China” USA. That is the current economic battle which will at last encourage a political war. My clear sources from invisible America secret codes of dominance, from the hidden University have unveiled to me the plan for America to creat a new global economic policy which will directly force China out of action.

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Immediately after forming the new economic policy, USA is eagerly planning to endorse new implementers. African Union as the strongest respected organisation in Africa failed to set up commission of inquiry to monitor with evidence why Africans understand at the lowest pace like chameleons as the rest of the world rans at the highest pace like the rocket.

USA is deeply monitoring the depreciation rate of the current African leaders, it is strategically favoring new bleeds under its favor, it has great employed spies to follow all of it’s African projects.
Africans eagerly hope to apply the Chinese economic policies by running them with the contradictory western political policies.

The rise of Bobi Wine is creating the hard, harder and the hardest political equations for Museveni, as a great political calculator.

I can tell you that President Museveni has totally failed to answer the hard equation bobi wine has created, it is turning to be a harder and at last it will evolve to be the hardest, here is the evidence.

The Kyadondo, Rukungiri, Jinja, bugiri and arua victory signified that bobi wine’s ideological outlets are selling in municipalities and cities, Governments are not ousted by people from villages.

The Arua fracas was meant to undermine bobi wine’s abilities with an aim of making him inferior politically. All methods of application turned to be boomerang, Bobi wine converted the fracas into building his international profile and he gained a lot of local sympathy.

On the 26 of December, 2018 was the birth of the new defacto opposition leader, the government tampered to block financial resources of its opponent, since it had not blocked those of the recent like Besigye, people took Bobi wine as a real opponent and the rest as President Museveni comedians.

Bobi perfectly sat down and converted the burn into a mean to get another way of creating an international bond with his outside supporters, this is more dagerous.

The 2021 elections will be more scientific I know, if President  Museveni fails to respond to 2021 scientific requirements as I observe, he is already done, science means results with clear evidence from a credible political field as still we must not use many words to explain for science than provable observable evidence.

Post by insidewall page.

Edited by Alex  Monroe



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