Bobi Wine will lead this Country Uganda – Justice Kanyeihamba laments

Bobi wine for president

Uganda – Kampala, Justice Kanyeihamba has endorsed People Power movement leader Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi wine) to run for president of Uganda come 2021.

While addressing the media this afternoon at his home in Buziga, the retired judge emphasized that Museveni can no longer win an election free and fair.

When asked why he recommends Bobi wine, he said that, “the youth are the majority and politics is a game of numbers” He contends that Bobi wine has numbers and that only can push the people power agenda to the last day. Kanyeihamba also admitted that he supports Bobi wine.

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He sees in him the potential and ability to rule Uganda. He believes that by the power of the people, Bobi wine is likely to become the next president.

Kanyeihamba further noted that despite having all it takes to intimidate and frustrate the youth come 2021, Museveni stands little chance.

Bobi wine for president

He believes that intimidation will not work. He also added that all the people that could have helped Museveni rig the 2021 elections are aged which gives the youth higher chances of deciding the 2021 election

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