Bobi wine Uganda-We All Need Freedom We deserve Not Torture


Robert Amsterdam: The Ugandan public deserves better, African youth deserve better.Bobi wine Uganda-We All Need Freedom We deserve

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi: I can’t forget to thank the world for the support when I was in incarceration, it was until I left the military facility that I saw the support we got from Uganda and beyond, people stood with us. I must accord special respect to the people that paid a price, Yasin Kavuma, (Bobi Wine breaks down).

I must go back home, Uganda is my home, I’m Ugandan and I’m going back home! It’s a habit for Ugandan authorities to torture people and come out to outrightly lie, I’m not the first person be to tortured, we’ve seen people who have been brutalized worse, take an example of the muslim clerics and women. ( Bobiwine was poisoned)

It’s a privilege for me to have access to specialized treatment and I speak for the 1000s who have been brutalized. My wife runs a charity organization called Helping Hands Uganda and it’s helping girls to make reusable sanitary pads but her co-founder was kidnapped and tortured for 2 days straight. He was forced to be a key witness to pin me and confess that I’m being funded through my wife’s NGO and this is the least we see. As of now I’m still alive but my skin has been peeling, I got injections I know nothing about.

Lawyer Amsterdam Roberts and Bobiwine



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