Bobi wine leads the Majority of Ugandans as per now – Reports

Museveni is rulling by Guns


Museveni’s age mates are either dead or very old, this makes his speeches to target ghosts or exhausted minds which already enjoyed their future. Infact Museveni is totally disconnected to the dominating youth.

Bobi Wine’s age mates are the majority, they dominate the demographic figures with a provable percentage of over 80. He speaks directly into their mind, he walks like them, he eats like them, infact he understands them. He is a darling to the promising youth.

Museveni speaks for no change, this language is understandable by minority Ugandans who have achieved a lot during his regime, he technically isolates the majority who pass through experiences of disgraceful poverty.

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Bobi wine

Bobi Wine is a true son of change, he speaks the real voice which the compromised Ugandans understand, he is preaching for a better Uganda. His voice directly reflects the hustling of the common Ugandan on the ground who gets hope that once Museveni is history, his situation can change.

Museveni is isolating the social media, he is still analogical, we have researched facts to justify that over ten million Ugandans can access social media, most of these are educated Ugandans with skills to carry information to others.
M7 is missing a chance to explain his interests to the youth to understand his Ideological composure.

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Bobi Wine is a real beneficiary of technology, he enjoys an advantage of over 1.5 million followers to whom he directly communicates, his promising youth have incredible abilities to spread people power interests deep on the ground. Abed Bwanika Has been playing ping pong with Museveni all along _Mp Nambooze tell Bobi wine

Bobi wine

Museveni trusts his military card of dominance, he sagaciously use this card as a last option to crush his opponents.

In digital political fields, incumbents are deprived of their best cards immediately when their opponents form hardest political equations, as digital analysts we know that BOBI Wine is already a hard political equation who can use the 2021 elections to form a hardest equation.

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