Bobi wine is much better than Museveni now and historically – Analysis

Bobi wine Stings Museveni As He Gives A remark on Butcherman's Position as Presidents Advisor
Bobi wine Stings Museveni As He Gives A remark on Butcherman's Position as Presidents Advisor

These are child soldiers who were smoking cigarettes and perhaps weed at the inuagration of Museven as a President in January 1986 at parliament of Uganda in Kampala.

These young men were commonly known as “Kadogo”. They were trained and turned into killing machines by the NRA during the war time.

After I sat down and thought critically about this dark history of NRM, this is what I found out that gave me a better view of the difference between Bobi Wine and Dictator M7.

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*Museven and his cronies collected young men and women and trained them how to kill. And indeed these young men of that time killed on orders of those whom they were under.

This explains why sometimes some armed personels execute some orders without critical thinking about humanity or laws. They are indoctrinated just as the child soldiers. The NRM has never changed its operational scripts


Bobi Wine is teaching young men and women to be civil, follow the constitution, love one another and above all love our country Uganda.

Musev3ni and his cronies subjected these young men and women to drug abuse like smoking of weed at a very young age. These young bloods went to the path of addiction. Hence losing the path to clear judgement that they would fight and kill for him who ordered them without clear thinking.

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Bobi Wine having learned the problems associated with consuming drugs, he left for the ghetto to teach and help young men and women to overcome the plague of drug abuse and addiction and be self conscious, responsible and considerate of others well- being.

Musev3ni and his gang didn’t give most of these young men and women access to formal education. After the war these young men and women were not rehabilitated to overcome Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD) problems associated with war. Some of the child soldiers have perished in absolute poverty like Sargent Kifulugunyu and many more. And alot of them died because of HIV/AIDS.

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Bobi Wine and the wife Barbie are encouraging young men and women to stay in school, be focused on being great citizines of Uganda.

It’s my opinion that M7 and his gang used these young men and women for their personal gains and after they dumped them at the point where they need more of his help. And I won’t be surprised if I’m attacked here by the NRM cronies for telling the truth.


Post by Kenneth Isabirye