Has Bobi wine contributed to the unity of The Opposition ? – Analysis

Bobi wine

Top Reasons why bobi wine will swallow the Opposition and president Museveni (by inside political wall ) Has Bobi wine contributed to the unity of The Opposition?

Some times you may wonder a man who always over praise the beauty, eyes, calf, hips and breast of the lady, it is perfectly clear that man will do nothing with all those parts and beauty

The only part he likes is what he cannot mention out of his eyes as the woman still will say nothing about the other hidden part of manhood.

Politics is not dating, we must waste no time to abandon crucial questions and answer the minor. If a lady fails to deliver a child in a family, her beauty remains a curse.

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We don’t focus on the weight of someone’s legs if they support him to walk.

We care nothing about the small eyes of Chinese if they can help him to see and interpret. If the lady has small hips, A wise man will not be bothered if she can sit.

We will only bother about the big nose of a muganda when it doesn’t help him to breath.

President  Museveni is failing the bobi wine equation because he has totally failed to understand him. The opposition is trying to understand him but they undermine him.

The logical approach means that people are not bothered by President Museveni’s achievements to himself and subordinates. He is a beautiful lady who has failed to deliver to a family he is married too which is Uganda.

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The opposition has wonderful brains, intellectual ideologists, brave and resilient people who have failed to expel president Museveni the lady who is infertile.

After her expulsion they immediately take the marriage on to deliver to the family called Uganda.

Bobi wine is like an ugly Lady and also that he has no structures to guide his organisation, he is from the Ghetto to be regarded nothing.

He has no ideology to regard his programmes, but according to his historical background, Ugandans are satisfied that he can deliver a child in the Uganda family.

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