Am soon Quiting NRM Because of Their EMPTY Promises – Balam threatens


A long time friend of President Museveni also known for Events promoting Balaam has threatened to Quit the NRM party

Balam Barugahare: “Am soon quitting NRM issues. Most people think am the one who started NRM, when they want free money they come to me, when the want help they come to me.

This Thing is stressing me so much. Instead of approaching the real NRM members, they are coming to me. Am also demanding alot of money from NRM, just that am a patient person, their people who shout just few days and they give them free money.

All the things I do for NRM, I do them with my own money. President M7 has never ever given me any single coin.

I love NRM as my part but some beggars are making life difficult for me in NRM. Am soon going back to my village and I do my own things”.


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